The team

We have been there.
Anne Dickerson, Founder 15 Minutes Group
Anne Dickerson
Anne Dickerson is the founder and chief executive of the 15 Minutes Group. She has prepared hundreds of leaders, best-selling authors and experts for appearances on television and radio.
Tracey Madigan, Director 15 Minutes Group
Tracey Madigan
Tracey Madigan is a veteran TV and radio producer who specializes in preparing experts and authors for on air appearances. She produces a podcast about business in Washington, D.C.
Nina Sovich
Nina Sovich is a print reporter and author who specializing in preparing experts and authors for speaking to print, television and online media. She writes for the Wall Street Journal.
Eliza McGraw - 15 Minutes Group
Eliza McGraw
Eliza McGraw is a writer and journalist who has written for the New York Times,, Atlas Obscura, and the Washington Post. She knows how to craft clear and compelling stories and has taught writing at the college level.
Antonia Blackwood - 15 Minutes Group
Antonia Blackwood
Antonia Blackwood is a researcher and development expert. She has extensive experience in the nonprofit sector.