Large groups
Your whole organization can take their communication skills up a notch

We can speak at your next all-hands, come to you for a interactive seminar, or speak to virtual meeting.  Choose from one of our curriculums, or tell us exactly what your group needs to learn.

Every group is different, here are some projects we've done:

  • media training for America's Secretaries of State
  • moderating skills for a multi-national firm
  • internal comms skills for early career employees
  • networking skills for diplomats
  • Facebook Live presenting for scientists




You put the work into the book, now make sure it gets noticed.

From podcasts to bookstore talks, get ready to shine.

Authors we've helped
Small groups
Use collaboration and team-building so everyone improves

A small-group training can reap powerful benefits.  Participants will learn from each other and also solidify their skills by helping others. We can faciliate small-group practice sessions & seminars that will lift everyone up. 

Communication is integral to everyone's work
  • Sell your ideas
  • Sell your firm
  • Sell yourself

 With our one-on-one coaching you can rehearse for important events, get an outside perspective and learn techniques from media veterans. 

Reach your audience
  • Fine-tune your pitch
  • Get out of the weeds
  • Reach the audience you want

We will help you find a way to talk about your work without over-simplifying.

Filmmakers We've Helped