Promote your book

The skills you need to sell your book are different than the ones you used to write your book. 

We can help you talk about your book in a way that makes people want to buy it.

Practice your pitch

We will help you boost your confidence while presenting your book in interviews and presentations.

Every book and every author is different. 

Reach out so we can create a plan for you to represent your book at its best. 

All of our programs are bespoke. Here are some popular options:

We are with you every step of the way. We help your and your team develop content for different kinds of media, practice with you and give you feedback throughout your book’s roll-out and beyond. $5,000
You’ve done this before, but this book is different from your last one. You need some specialized prep for particular appearances. $3,200
Magic Dust
Work the kinks out and warm-up your words before you step into the spotlight. Test out and refine your messages. $1,800

Virtual sessions are effective and mimic many media appearances.  We can also work together in person at your publisher, our our offices.  

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