“Excellent training unique and applicable to all of our members …

I appreciate the immense time and effort our coaches both took to dive into our wide variety of issues—from election administration, and cybersecurity to business services. Beyond their vast combined experience, their passion for making communications relatable and enjoyable is truly a talent. I will continue to turn to the 15 Minutes Group time and time again.”

Director of Communications 
National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS)

“Anne really helped me to hone my book's message…

so that I could deliver it crisply, clearly - and often. She created a kind of muscle memory that took a lot of the stress out of interviews and other book-related appearances. And what I learned, I've been able to translate into other aspects of my life - as an author, educator and coach."

Nick Lovegrove

Author of The Mosaic Principle

“Their careful, patient, and skilled training transformed her public presentation…

Our coach worked closely with a human trafficking survivor.   I watched the coach work magic, guiding a less-experienced public speaker to become a confident and compelling presenter. 15 Minutes Group's engagement, feedback, and expertise made all the difference."


The Human Trafficking Legal Center

" Anne is a genius!…

I had no idea how to convey the message of our book to a broad audience in a compelling way, and Anne helped us turn a complicated thesis into a New York Times bestseller...I recently finished a new book – and the first thing I did was book Anne again!"

Amy Chua


“Thank you to Tracey for helping me dramatically improve on media performances over the years!"

Varun Sivaram

Author, Taming the Sun

“We noticed immediate improvements…

My organization reached out to 15 Minutes Group to lead a half-day media training session for our on-camera team. We noticed immediate improvement in the way they moderated panels, shaped conversations, wrote and delivered succinct introductions to segments, and kept interview subjects on-topic and on time.

The 15 Minutes Group taught our team the fundamentals of how to deliver the best on-camera performance, from crafting interesting segues to politely (but firmly) cutting off meandering speakers. They also reviewed the technical aspects of the trade, from what clothing looks best to where their eyes should focus.

I cannot recommend 15 Minutes Group strongly enough for any individual or organization that is looking to improve their on-camera performance."

Social Media Director

National Association

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