What We Do

Media Training

We will prepare someone who will be speaking with print, television or radio journalists. For experienced clients, we focus on techniques and honing messages. For clients new to press interactions, we cover:
What drives the press
Why it’s important to build relationships
How to get your point across in an interview
Appropriate appearance
Voice modulation
Ways to handle tough questions
The session includes practice interviews, which are filmed for reference. Sessions can be done in person or by video conference or phone.

Moderator Training

We help moderators chair better events. The session can include role-playing sessions where moderators practice taking audience Q&A, asking good questions and interrupting long winded panelists. We give you checklists from everything on choosing panelists to crafting good questions and closing with a good wrap. 
15 minutes group

Message Development

This workshop is for those who need to develop their messages on a particular topic before giving a speech, making a media appearance or delivering a presentation.
Messages can be built around a book or a body of research, area of academic study or company mission. We help you create a narrative that can appeal to media and stakeholders.  We can refine and polish those messages for a specific audience, outlet or appearance.
Sessions can be done in person, or by video conference or phone.

Speech Preparation

Contact 15 minutes group
We film you practicing your speech and offer feedback. Sessions can be done in person or by video conference or phone.
This session is for someone either building a presentation from the ground up or looking to polish an existing speech.
  • Together, we solidify effective presentation skills, developing content, workshopping slides and practicing delivery.
  • We work with the speaker to determine what sort of storytelling is most effective for a particular audience.
  • We discuss practical ways to organize content to ensure clear and effective messaging.
  • We go over what slides work best and ensure that the of the content of the talk is clear.
  • Once the speech content is set, we work on body language, practicing flow, and how to handle audience questions.

Mastering the Meeting

This session covers the basics of how to be effective in a meeting.
  • We share tactics on preparing content ahead of the meeting, and defining your role and goals.
  • We will workshop techniques to convey ideas, handle conflict, react to interruptions, properly introduce your ideas and share credit with team members.
  • The session builds on the idea a successful meeting is anchored in good presentation skills.
  • The session addresses video conferencing and group calls and can include role-playing workshops.


We will walk you through the steps to launch a podcast, or revamp an existing one. As producers, we can guide you through both the editorial decisions and the technical choices you need to make.

We can provide you with a turnkey launch that includes the creation of a production template.
We can also provide best-practices for boosting listenership of your established podcast.
We offer expertise and input on how to better reach your podcast goals.


Women at Work

This session helps women project more confidence and authority. We work on ways to avoid common communication pitfalls, both written and verbal. 
  • We teach techniques on how to speak effectively in meetings and craft strong messages for presentations or conference calls.
  • We provide communication tools for speaking with bosses and mentors.
  • Session includes mastering your body language and tips for public appearances.

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