Tracey Madigan, Director

Tracey Madigan, Director
Tracey is a news producer and journalist who has worked in television, radio and online news. She was an on-air reporter and anchor, and has produced live television and radio, booking hundreds of guests over her two decades of experience.

Tracey can take complicated issues and make them concise and enlightening for a wide audience. She has produced interviews with everyone from Desmond Tutu to Justin Trudeau.

In addition to media training for scholars, authors and executives, she helps communicators launch podcasts — sharing the fundamentals of what makes the medium perfect for certain subjects, and how to create a workflow that will allow the passion in a topic shine through in audio form.

She has helped launch several successful podcasts. Previously, she was Executive Producer at SiriusXM, ABC7, and others.

Tracey studied journalism in her native Canada and worked for ten years with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, where she was a news producer, reporter and anchor.  She speaks both English and French.