Practice in small group sessions

The Speakers' Lab offers intensive, honest training to practice your professional speaking and presentation skills.

It's a four-week course that takes place online. And every week, participants will be required to present!

Under expert guidance, you will meet for 90-minute performance labs which combine speaking exercises, communication techniques, practice, and personal, actionable feedback.

A total of 6 hours of transformative sessions with highly experienced coaches in a small group setting to ensure a low-stakes environmnet for exploration and progress. One-time fee for the four-week program is $495.

Break your fear barrier

Confidence and conviction are key to effective public speaking.

We all want to look and feel more natural speaking and make stronger, longer-lasting connections in the workplace (and in our personal lives!). Specific guidance, practice and honest feedback will get you there.

This lab is all about understanding your strengths, learning by doing, and overcoming anxiety around public speaking.

Why Speakers' Lab?

Guided Techniques 

Every Saturday for four weeks, the same group of six speakers meet and learn new practical skills from an experienced speaking coach. What makes this course different is participants are then immediately given an opportunity to not only try the techniques, but to get actionable, specific feedback. Every participant is required to speak each and every session – not for long, sometimes even just for a minute! The intimate setting is the perfect place to learn, watch others and try new things. Each session focuses on improving a different aspect of public speaking, and the goal is to have fun while learning.

Confidence Building

Everybody needs a safe space to speak from the heart, grow comfortable with their voice, and get feedback on how to improve. The Speakers' Lab is unique because participants are learning with like-minded speakers who are not only working towards becoming stronger speakers, but are also open to helping others and to learning what methods work and why. 

Practice Makes Perfect

There's no question – participants will be stepping outside their comfort zone in this four-session course. That's what makes it a little bit daunting, and loads of fun. Through improv exercises, voice drills and speaking to the group every single session, everyone gets closer to showing up as their best self. Getting up and having a go, receiving real time feedback from experts and peers, and watching recordings of yourself – that’s what will get you there.

Your style is unique… your communication training should be, too.

If you're seeking a challenge and want to build trust in yourself, this online speaking course will have you communicating with conviction and impact.

Whether a professional looking to improve your presentation skills, an entrepreneur working on their pitch, or an expert hoping to communicate their passion, our specialized guidance and experimental approach will bring your speaking to the next level.

NEXT session is scheduled for October 2024. Click below to inquire!

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Each session will happen online. We get it – everyone has had enough of online meetings, and Speakers' Lab will feel very different. We’re all about learning by doing, so sessions will be full of activities, not lectures.

Of course!
Speakers' Lab is for people of any level and any background.

Yes! You’ll be given one exercise and some material to listen to or watch that shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to complete. And as with most things, the more you practice what you’re learning in your everyday life, the more you’ll gain from the experience.

You’ll gain ease and confidence in your interactions - in the office, and in everyday life - and get better at thinking on your feet. You’ll make stronger connections in the world around you.

Each session, you’ll get real time, guided feedback from your classmates, as well as from a highly experienced performance coach. It’s immediate, specific and clear, and delivered in a supportive environment.

You can take this class from anywhere in the world!
Classes take place Saturday mornings EST, so students in Europe join in the afternoon (GMT or GMT+1).

Absolutely! We’re all about making mistakes and embracing a challenge. If fear or self-doubt is holding you back, Speakers' Lab will give you a safe space to experiment, build trust in yourself and your audience, and break that fear factor barrier.

If you miss a session, you should get in contact with another group member to get you up to speed. They’ll get a chance to revise the material by teaching it, and you’ll be caught up for the next class!
Otherwise, you can join the next month's session for that one class.