Nina Sovich, Director

Nina Sovich is a wire and print reporter who has written hundreds of stories from Europe, the Middle East and the U.S. She understands how to frame and pitch a story, what makes for a good quote, how to shape a nutgraph and what pitfalls to avoid when speaking to the press.

She has interviewed the CEOs of European multinationals both in French and English and appeared on the BBC, Wall Street Journal TV and CNBC where she reported on the CAC-40.

Previously, she worked as a reporter for Reuters and Dow Jones newswires in Paris and London, covering everything from the Franco-German defense industry to haute couture fashion shows.

Currently she is a freelance reporter for the Wall Street Journal. She has written a book, To the Moon and Timbuktu (New Harvest; 2013) about her solo travels through West Africa.

Nina studied Security Studies at the Fletcher school of Law and Diplomacy and philosophy at Mount Holyoke College. She was a Fulbright scholar in Lahore, Pakistan.

She lives in Washington, D.C.