The team

We have been there.
Anne Dickerson, Founder 15 Minutes Group
Anne Dickerson
Anne launched 15 Minutes in 2001 to help smart people be stronger communicators. She specializes in message development for book authors, communication techniques for business leaders, and interview skills for subject matter experts.
Tracey Madigan, Director 15 Minutes Group
Tracey Madigan
Tracey is a news producer and journalist who has worked in television, radio and online news. She has produced live television and radio, and has booked hundreds of guests over her two decades of experience.
Nina Sovich, Director 15 Minutes Group
Nina Sovich
Nina Sovich is a wire and print reporter who has written hundreds of stories from Europe, the Middle East and the U.S. She understands how to frame and pitch a story, what makes for a good quote, how to shape a nut graph and what pitfalls to avoid when speaking to the press.