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Whether it be a global crisis or a new policy out of the White House, we help experts explain complex ideas. Don’t just be the smartest person in the room, be the one that people listen to.
Your book is finished and the publicity tour looms. Fiction authors may confront personal and philosophical questions. Non-fiction writers will need to get beyond the minutiae and deliver a clear message.
Good intentions are not enough. Today’s landscape requires that your messages be relatable and repeatable. We can help you get your team on the same page.
Deep in the data is a compelling story that journalists will want to hear. Let us help you distill the world of business and economics into something relatable and interesting.
15 Minutes revolutionized how our Board approached messaging.  Instead of spending hours working on a canned elevator speech, we each developed a personal pitch about our organization, which resulted in stronger, more authentic messaging that is still consistent with our brand. Our Board advanced miles in just a few hours.
– Julie Green. Executive Director, New Futures
Center for a New America Security
Peterson Institute for International Economics
Carnegie Endowment for international peace
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St Martin's Press