So you are working from home?

So you are working from home?  Doing some meetings by video conference?  Take some lessons from media training to make your “appearance” on your computer camera a little more professional.

  1. Don’t backlight yourself.  Turn off lamps behind you. If you are lucky enough to have a window in your office, face it.
  2. Don’t hostage-video yourself.  You should not be too close to a wall behind you.  Turn off overhead lights, they make you look haggard.  (You are not, you got an extra 30 minutes of sleep because you didn’t have to commute).  A blank wall behind you says you have no personality. Sexy mother pictures say something else.  Go for neutral art or a bookcase.  
  3. Don’t talk down.  Puts an unflattering shadow under your chin.  Lift that laptop up! An easy booster seat is to grab a shoebox and put your laptop up on it.  
  4. Frame your shot to limit rogue actors.  The “BBC dad” set himself up for failure by including much of his office in the frame.  Harried mom and cute baby would have been well off-camera had his framing been standard (in the US from chest up and a few inches on either side)
  5. Don’t wear your pajama top.  But you knew this.