Mind the Mindset: Keeping Teams Cohesive During this Pandemic

This week, I am building an online training session for a team whose leader is concerned that this worldwide work disruption will chip away at his group’s cohesion. He’s a smart person for recognizing that susceptibility.

Change is not for everyone. Maybe you deal with change and stress well, but there are others who don’t adapt as well. Some are pre-occupied because their young children are in the home and they try to work a regular day. Others need the resources, pacing or relationships in their usual shared professional work space — aspects that their home office simply cannot offer. Different people react differently to having these new communication rules thrust upon them.

Here’s what we do know: productivity boosts morale. And efficiency boosts productivity.

So how can you be more productive during your remote workday? Communication. And by having (hear me out here) more conference calls or video calls. Allot a short period of time for socializing into the timeframe. Make sure team members feel heard about how this coronavirus pandemic is affecting them. High performance requires frequent conversations — plan that into your agenda and teams will feel that productivity and accountability are intact. Keep it short, but keep it there.

Workers must embrace new technology as they adapt their communications skills. But they will also emerge with stronger communications skills.

There are best practices, communication techniques and pitfalls to avoid that our online Effective Remote Communications training session covers. But the starting point is having the leader sensitive to how team members are adapting to change. Stepping out of our comfort zone can be exciting and liberating — but very scary for others. It’s a question of mindfulness and mindset.