Delivering a great presentation

Good presentations don’t just appear out of thin air. They are scripted, choreographed and practiced. Last week I saw a great presentation at the ComNet in California. The team at Adamec communications and FrameWorks reminded me again what makes some talks an absolute pleasure to watch.

Here are some things I noticed in their presentation:

It was well rehearsed.  The two presenters had done this together,  perhaps many times. While there was some ad-libbing (I think), it appeared to stay exactly on script.  Our partner at Portico always says “strive for five” (five run-throughs of your talk)

It ran on time: one of my favorite things as an audience member is for a presenter to start on time, and finish on time.  We were reassured a few times that it was running on schedule, because they signposted what they were doing and what they were going to tell us.  I love knowing both what is coming and where we stand. It looks like this: “we’ve got 3 sections, each section has an example problem, some data we want to share, and then some solutions”.  It’s kind of like the feeling when your waitperson reads your order back to you, you feel reassured.

Clean slides:  each slide either had very sparse text or simple visuals.

It didn’t try to do too much.  Sometimes presenters speed up or cram in verbiage on their slides in an effort be comprehensive.  For their hour-long slot, they matched content to share with time to give it in at a comfortable pace.

What a pleasure to just sit back and soak in a well-thought-out, well-delivered talk.