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Delivering a great presentation

Good presentations don’t just appear out of thin air. They are scripted, choreographed and practiced. Last week I saw a great presentation at the ComNet in California. The team at Adamec communications and FrameWorks reminded me again what makes some talks an absolute pleasure to watch. Here are some things I noticed in their presentation: It was well rehearsed.  […]

We really do have binders full of women

There’s a new list on the block. was just launched to be an easy-to-search database for women who work in tech policy.  Sourcelist grew out of a twitter query a few years ago from Susan Hennessey, who started keeping a list for people who asked her.  Now the list lives under a Brookings banner […]

Simplicity Takes Work

Good media training is focused on sound bites, but not the kind we've all come to hate. A strong sound bite can change the way people think.