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Delivering a great presentation

Good presentations don’t just appear out of thin air. They are scripted, choreographed and practiced. Last week I saw a great presentation at the ComNet18 conference in California. The team at Adamec communications and Frameworks reminded me again what makes some talks an absolute pleasure to watch. Here are some things I noticed in their presentation: It was […]
binders -15 minutes group

We really do have binders full of women

  There’s a new list on the block. was just launched to be an easy-to-search database for women who work in tech policy.  Sourcelist grew out of a twitter query a few years ago from Susan Hennessey, who started keeping a list for people who asked her.  Now the list lives under a Brookings […]
soundbites are smart -15 minutes group

Simplicity Takes Work

Good media training is focused on sound bites, but not the kind we've all come to hate. A strong sound bite can change the way people think.